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The Lebanese Hockey Association, also known as Hockey Lebanon is the birthplace and founding entity of what is now known as the Lebanese Ice Hockey Federation, the Lebanese Roller Hockey Federation and the Lebanese Ball Hockey federation. The organization's main role is to regroup all three federations and their respective members in order to continue to grow the game of hockey in Lebanon and in Lebanese communities worldwide. Hockey Lebanon is currently based in Montreal, Canada with additional operations based in Beirut.  


The Association has been created to advance hockey initiatives of Lebanese-based players on a worldwide basis, in addition to enabling international development and representation of the country of Lebanon in the sport of hockey. The association also promotes hockey in Lebanon, whether it is ice hockey, roller hockey or ball hockey.


We strongly believe in promoting positive change within the Lebanese communities as well as to improve the world's perception of the country of Lebanon. One important value we believe in and strive on is working together in building something positive, regardless of one's political views or religious beliefs. That said, we intend on shedding a continuously growing and positive light for Lebanon on the international stage through hockey. 


Hockey Lebanon also takes pride in making sure that those same values are instilled within every player and staff member as well as put into action by all our members whether it's in the arena or out in the everyday world. 


On August 10, 2015, Pascal Malkoun had initially founded the Lebanese Hockey Association alongside his brother Christian. They had made this public via social media in order to gage the interest of Lebanese communities around the world. The response was overwhelmingly welcoming, thus led Joseph Constantin, Ralph Melki and Noel Feghali to join this initiative. Moving forward, the five founding members were successfully able to create a ball hockey program and participate at the ISBHF World Ball Hockey Championship for the very first time in history. In parallel, the association was able to support their roller hockey youth program in Lebanon as well as jump-start the ice hockey program by putting together the first Lebanese ice hockey team which had it's first match-up and victory in history against team Haiti on April 23, 2017. 

Mission & Values


The association's board of directors is made up of four committed volunteers, strongly believing in the cause of making Lebanon a solid hockey nation within the country and on the international level. The members are professionals, leaders, university graduates, business people and family men who are also exceptional managers that have mastered the principles of management, financing and promotion of sports teams. These members devote their time and efforts in pushing to make this goal a reality. 

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