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The Lebanese Hockey Association is dedicated to helping our partners the same way they have so generously helped us by displaying their brand and supporting their business. Our project would not have become reality without the huge commitment and active contribution from our sponsors and partners. Due to their support, we were able to grow and compete on an international level.  If you would like to know more about our sponsorship options, please don't hesitate to contact us at

Lebanese Business Council aims to link Lebanon and the UAE to each other in all aspects of trade, economics and culture. To implement this goal, the council committed to create an interactive environment and network for the Lebanese businessmen and professionals to secure better businesses. The council also works hard to build closer relationships between Lebanon and UAE and organizes many events and activities to reflect the true image of the Lebanese life.

Bauer Hockey is one of the leading manufacturers of ice hockey equipment, fitness and recreational skates and apparel. Bauer produces helmets, gloves, sticks, skates, shin guards, pants, shoulder pads, elbow pads, as well as goalie equipment. The Lebanese Hockey Association is proud to have Bauer be a Major contributor. With their support we were able to be equipped with the finest and most advance equipment in the world. They are also very supportive of the Lebanese hockey project and we can always count on them for helping develop hockey in our homeland. Bauer supports Lebanon Hockey and Lebanon Hockey supports Bauer. is the largest online hockey retailer. It also operates retail stores accross North America. Hockey Monkey were among the first to support our project and we are very thankful. We encourage anyone that desires to purchase hockey equipment to do it at Hockeymonkey. They have the largest selection, the best price and the best service.

The café specialized in freshly roasted premium coffee with uniquely distinguished blends and became widely acclaimed for its outstanding brew. At Samira Maatouk Factories, coffee is harvested directly from the exotic coffee crops from around the globe because only the finest beans can provide the most aromatic and delicious coffee experience.

Sarieddine Trading Establishment (STE) is one of the Emirate’s leading suppliers of building materials and finishing products. Delivering high-end materials and innovative designs, STE works to provide the nation with quality products for residential and commercial spaces.

We get alot of compliment about our Jerseys and how amazing they look and how good is the quality. Well CSG are the ones behind it all and Hockey Lebanon is proud to have their support. From off the rack to Custom Hockey Jerseys, Coveralls, Socks and Custom Baseball Uniforms, they can create the exact look you want! Aside from being a solid team and a devoted staff, CSG offers you anything your team, school or association desires. Anything is possible at CSG!

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