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Lebanon scores the winning goal with only 56 seconds left in the game and win game 2 of 2 against Ar

Team Lebanon celebration after a goal

The second game and final game of the series, hosted by Team Lebanon at Place Bell in Laval, was a totally different story than the one experienced in Argenteuil’s hometown. Lebanon will not take another defeat, especially not in front of their fans!

After some roster modifications, Coach Ralph Melki made sure to remind everyone what they are representing and who they are playing for. We could see by looking at the crowd, that showed up to watch the game, that Team Lebanon has a lot of loyal fans. Coach Melki also added that the team has to do the impossible to win this game and not to deceive those who came to cheer us

After the incredible entrance of the team on the song of the Lebanese singer Assi El Halani, called Lebnani (I am Lebanese), the excitement was neutralized pretty quickly once the Argenteuil team scored their first goal at 1:52 minutes into the very first period. It felt like the arena all of a sudden got a few degrees colder, however nothing will stop Team Lebanon this time, as it fires back with its first goal scored by Joe Bouhaidar, bringing the fans back to life!

Crowd hyping up the crowd the Lebanese way

As for the second period, it was an intense game, but team Lebanon was falling behind with Argenteuil scoring another goal at 17 minutes in the second period and another goal scored right at the beginning of the third period leaving team Lebanon with a sour taste in their mouth. This is when Team Lebanon fans decided to hype the crowd up with the derbaki and the tabli (typical Lebanese music instrument) and the Lebanese flags flying all over the place. And mission accomplished! Team Lebanon scores two quick goals and now the score is tied 3-3. After many chances of scoring from both teams in an excessively offensive game, something delirious happens. A scenario we are used to seeing in Hollywood movies: Team Lebanon scores the winning goal with only 56 seconds left in the game! We couldn’t wish for a better ending in front of a loud crowd celebrating the win. WHAT A GAME!

The game ended with both teams congratulating each other’s hard work. Team Lebanon fans were beyond happy and proud! They were congratulating the players, shaking hands and taking pictures with the team.

Hollywood style goal at 56s left into the game

This is how this special two-game exhibition series between Team Lebanon and the Argenteuil club unfolded. As for now, Team Lebanon will be focused on getting ready for the Arab Cup. The Team is now stronger than ever and ready to face any new challenges!

To be continued...

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